One of the things I enjoy about living in California is all the accessible parks and places. There are several websites that lists parks with accessible trails and such, and some also include pictures. I wanted to take this one step further by making a video/photo montage of each of the parks I have enjoyed going to. My way of sharing with others in wheelchairs what the park looks like and how accessible it is.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pocket Camcorder Mount Project

Beginning of this year, I started to video some of my adventures as I traveled around in my power chair. One of the main problems I had was finding a way to shoot video hands free while cruising along. I tried one method where I put the camcorder into a camera bag with padding inside, and then put that in front of me. The problem with this though, was that the bag would shift, or the camcorder wasn't leveled in the bag and half the time the video wouldn't come out right.

I looked online for a solution and found a couple of camera type mounts for a wheelchair, but they were expensive. After a few days of thinking about this problem, I came up with a cheap and easy way for me to video hands free. As with any project, I'm sure I'll do some tweaking here and there, but for the most part, I'm happy with this setup.

The video below shows what I came up with.


Miles Boyd said...

Mark, your results are great on many different levels.
Inexpensive/low-tech solutions are in vogue right now. The quality and smoothness of the video was great.
Now, if you come across an accident or (lord forbid) a crime in prgogress, can you back away real fast as you capture the event on film? ;-)

Mark said...

Thanks Miles, and yes I can. I have a "fast getaway" setting on my power chair. ;)

millie said...

WAY cool!! What a smooth video! Is this by where you live?

Mark said...

Yes Millie. It's about 8 minutes from where I live, and thank you. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mark,

Diana here from Dr. Fred's office, thanks for sharing your jounerys awesome work. Your an inspiration for sure. Have a Bless Day! :)