Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Chickadee Nature Trail

The Chickadee Nature Trail, in Huddart County Park, is an all-access, 3/4 mile trail that loops around through a variety of native plants, trees, and even offers a few views of the San Francisco Bay Area. The trail, though (as of May 2011), is in need of maintenance. The hardened dirt trail gave me a bumpy ride in some areas. The left side of the trail loop had a wooden fence blocking off the trail. I read that the bridge was out. There was a trail heading down but it looked too steep for a wheelchair to safely navigate, especially on a dirt trail.

Toward the end of the right side of the trail loop, a tree that had fallen over the trail. Overall, though, it was a worthwhile adventure as I was able to enjoy the peaceful and relaxing scenery that the forest trail offered.

There is a $5 park entrance fee. There are two handicap parking spots next to the trail, and I didn't see any accessible bathrooms.

 To see more of the Chickadee Nature Trail,
please watch my video.


Anonymous said...

LOVE IT, cheers Bro awesome job.

Mark said...

Thanks Bro! Appreciate it!