Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Sunnyvale Baylands Park

Trail rating - Easy
Trail length – Over a mile within the park boundaries
Trail type – Loop and linear
Trail uses - Hiking, bicycles, strollers, and wheelchairs
Cumulative elevation change - Less than 2% for most of the trails
                                                       Wave Walk trail has 8% grade hills
Trail width and surface - Dirt
Cellular Service Signal Strength - Good
Pets allowed:  No

Sunnyvale Baylands Park fits just about everyone’s search for fun and relaxation. There is more than a mile in trails, and the park is also connected to the Bay Trail.  There are playgrounds, a huge grassy area for sports, flying a kite, and sometimes people will fly their model planes. At the back of the park is a seasonal marshland where you can enjoy looking for birds from a viewing platform.  The park has several areas with BBQ pits and picnic tables. Most of the dirt trails are flat, but the Wave Walk has 8% grade hills, but there is a flat dirt trail that goes along next to it.  The park has accessible restrooms and parking.  

                     To see more of Sunnyvale Baylands, please watch my video: