Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Sunnyvale Baylands Park

Trail rating - Easy
Trail length – Over a mile within the park boundaries
Trail type – Loop and linear
Trail uses - Hiking, bicycles, strollers, and wheelchairs
Cumulative elevation change - Less than 2% for most of the trails
                                                       Wave Walk trail has 8% grade hills
Trail width and surface - Dirt
Cellular Service Signal Strength - Good
Pets allowed:  No

Sunnyvale Baylands Park fits just about everyone’s search for fun and relaxation. There is more than a mile in trails, and the park is also connected to the Bay Trail.  There are playgrounds, a huge grassy area for sports, flying a kite, and sometimes people will fly their model planes. At the back of the park is a seasonal marshland where you can enjoy looking for birds from a viewing platform.  The park has several areas with BBQ pits and picnic tables. Most of the dirt trails are flat, but the Wave Walk has 8% grade hills, but there is a flat dirt trail that goes along next to it.  The park has accessible restrooms and parking.  

                     To see more of Sunnyvale Baylands, please watch my video: 


Fotogeografer said...

I am just discovering your work now, Mark - the photos on your site are beautiful, the descriptions and reports of these places thorough and informative, and your story inspirational! Thanks for sharing these adventures for curious people of all different abilities! -Dan

Mark said...

Thanks Dan, I appreciate it. I hope to have a new park/trail review in a few weeks.

Wheelchair Lifts Canada said...

Looks like a beautiful trail for a stroll and great song! :)

Dan (another

Mark Irishsea said...

Thanks 'another' Dan. Glad you liked it.
Will be posting a new video this weekend.

Michael Steven said...

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