Friday, November 27, 2015

Joseph D. Grant County Park

Joseph D. Grant County Park is the largest Santa Clara County regional park and has 52 miles of trails. The park is nestled in the Diablo Range foothills and you take the Mt. Hamilton Road to get to it.

The park has a short paved whole access trail that is very scenic. There is also a longer paved trail nearby that has a meadow on one side and a picnic area on the other.

For those wanting to hike an intermediate level trail, you have the Bernal Trail and the Hotel Trail.

You access the Bernal Trail from a small parking lot just beyond where you turn into the main park area, and it has one accesssible parking spot.  The beginning of the 0.4 mile trail has around a 7% slope, but after that it’s pretty flat.  The trail itself is a mixture of dirt and rocks.  I really like this trail because it gives you a beautiful view of Grant Lake.

The Hotel Trail is near the whole access trail. There is a 7% slope getting to the trail but after that, the trail is fairly flat.  The 3.4 mile trail is mostly made up of hard packed dirt, which during the summer the trail can become very dusty. So much so, that one time I had to turn back - dust isn't good for ventilators.  But, I've gone in the spring and fall and there was less amount of dust in the air during those times. I really enjoyed wheelchair hiking this trail because of the panoramic beauty of the rolling hills.  Plus, there aren't that many wheelchair accessible trails that are this long.

There are several handicap parking spots in the main park area, accessible bathrooms, and some of the picnic tables are somewhat wheelchair accessible

To see more of Joseph D. Grant County Park, 
please watch my video.


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