Sunday, June 29, 2014

Horseshoe Lake - Skyline Ridge Open Space Preserve

Trail length:  .3 miles
Trail surface: Hard packed dirt
Trail ratings: Easy
Trail usage: Hikers, and wheelchairs

I enjoyed this short, but scenic, wheelchair accessible trail which skirts along the lake. The dirt harden trail though was rough going at times and could use some maintenance. The end of the trail connects to the Ridge Trail, which crosses over a bridge. After crossing it, you’ll be rewarded with a panoramic view of Horseshoe Lake. The trail continues on to a trail junction. The trail to the left is the Horseshoe Loop Trail, the one of the right is the Tree Farm Trail.

I found the first part of the Horseshoe Loop Trail to be much smoother and enjoyable than the wheelchair accessible trail. Eventually, the trail leads to a small, steep hill which will be challenging for manual wheelchairs. The trail continues on, and after crossing a bridge, it becomes more narrow and you’ll need to wheel past overgrowth as the trail becomes steeper. Finally you’ll make it to the top where you’ll have a wonderful view of the lake. It is a very precarious spot though, and I found myself inches away from the drop off. As much as I was elated to finally make it up to this view of the lake, it was too risky at parts of the trail for me to consider to make a return trip, or even to recommend.

The Tree Farm Trail, though very wide, is a very steep trail with rocks and tree roots ready to slam into your wheels. Even with my power chair, I found it very difficult to navigate. Coming back down was even more challenging and a couple of times my wheels skidded out of control.

Throughout the morning, I saw several deer, lots of birds, and a snake sun bathing on a trail. There is plenty of parking and an accessible bathroom.
Weather can change quickly. When I first got there, there was a heavy mist hanging over the area. An hour later though, the sun finally broke though, so come prepared.

I would rate Horseshoe Lake 3 out of 5 stars. The wheelchair accessible trail is bumpy, but the tradeoff is the beauty of the lake and area. It would be a nice place to have a short hike and a picnic.

Skyline Ridge Open Space Preserve, is located on Skyline Boulevard (CA 35).

 To see more of Horseshoe Lake,
please watch my video.

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