Sunday, February 1, 2015

Crissy Field - San Francisco

Trail length: 1.3 miles - from parking area to the Torpedo Wharf
Trail type: Dirt
Trail ratings: Easy
Trail usage: Hikers, bicyclist, dogs, and wheelchairs

Crissy Field is a wonderful recreation area with lots to offer, which makes it a prime place for locals and tourists. It can be crowded on the weekends but the main pathway is very wide and I didn’t have any trouble cruising along and bumping into anyone.  There are a few handicap parking spots at East Beach parking area and each time we’ve visited during the weekend, we didn’t have trouble finding parking.  There are also accessible restrooms by the parking area.

Starting from the parking area and heading west, make your way along the dirt trail. To your left, you’ll see a lagoon, which is a great place to do some bird watching.  On the right you’ll see a couple places where a wooden platform extends out onto the beach. Next you’ll see a long, grassy field which was the site for a former army airfield.  There is a trail that cuts through it and that leads to a paved bike trail. It’s wide enough  though that I didn’t have any problems sharing it with bicyclists.

Continuing on the beach pathway you’ll be getting a closer view of the Golden Gate Bridge.  Wheelchair users are able to join others on the beach as there are beach wheelchairs available.  You’ll need to call and give them a 5 day advance notice and you can pick up the beach wheelchair at Fort Mason, Building 201. For more information, contact Richard De La O, Accessibility Program Manager. Voice: (415) 561-4958

The beach pathway finally comes to West Bluff Picnic area and at the end of that is the Warming Hut which also has accessible restrooms.  On the right you’ll see the Torpedo Wharf.  There are cracks in the wharf and bumpy at places, but it’s worth venturing out onto to get a better view of the bridge and a wonderful view of the San Francisco skyline.

Just beyond is a road that leads to Fort Point.  From there you can get a close up of the Golden Gate Bridge towering above.

Also nearby Crissy Field, is San Francisco’s Palace of Fine Arts Theater. I was amazed by its stunning architecture. It was also featured Alfred Hitchcock’s thriller, Vertigo.  Because it’s so close, it’s well worth a visit.

I really enjoyed visiting Crissy Field and highly recommend it.  Be sure to check the weather forecast ahead of time.  Some days it’s very foggy, and the last time I went there there was a cold wind blowing in from the Bay, so be sure to bring extra clothing just in case.

Crissy Field is located at 1199 East Beach, San Francisco

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